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Water Treatment & Swimming Pool Chemicals
Swimming Pool Chemicals offered by us are effective in total removal of contaminants present in pool water, lake, water storage tanks etc. Available in granular and powder forms, these have long shelf life.
This range of Hydrocolloids & Gums can be availed in powder form. These hydrophilic polymers have unique thickening and gelling properties. Long storage life and high effectiveness are some of their main aspects.
Avanschem is a producer of a wide range of sweeteners, from D-xylose, fructooligosaccharide (FOS), fructose to stevia. These sugar substitutes are added in different products, from pharmaceutical products, confectionery, beverages to food items. These sweeteners are offered in powder and syrup forms. The white to off-white powdered sweeteners are used as food additives. As the very name implies, these tastes just like sugar, which is sweet. Some of the sweeteners are sugar alcohol, which are derived from sugars, for instance sorbitol, erythritol and xylitol. These sweeteners can be packaged in small paper packets and supplied to hotels and restaurants to provide them to customers to sweeten beverages, like tea and coffee.
You name a preservative and we can provide you. Our company is manufacturing a vast range of preservatives for adding into a number of products at the processing stage, in order to increase their shelf life.
Ethyl Vanillin, Vanillin and Cocoa Powder are three flavours that can be purchased from us. These flavoring agents are added to food items, beverages and many other products.
ANTI-OXIDANTS are chemicals that can extend the shelf life of foods by protecting them against oxidative degradation, such as fat oxidation.
Acidity Regulators
Acidity regulators, often known as pH control agents, are food additives that are used to adjust or maintain the pH of a food. Organic or mineral acids, bases, neutralising agents, or buffering agents can all be used. Citric, acetic, and lactic acids are common acidity regulators.
Nutrition Enhancer
The nutritional content of finished goods, as defined by the product GB standard, determines whether the quantity of Nutrition Enhancer is compliant. It is high in soluble vitamins, fatty acids both saturated and unsaturated, and minerals.
The Protein category includes foods manufactured from meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts, as well as seeds. In this category, most individuals consume adequate food, but they should choose leaner and more diversified options.
DL Amino Acids
The amino acids are referred to as DL Amino Acids when the amounts of the L and D isomers are equal. The two isomeric forms of amino acids found in nature are L- and D-amino acids.
Health Supplements/Nutraceurticals
Health Supplements/Nutraceurticals are food-derived supplements that have both nutritional and therapeutic properties. They have a high concentration of bioactive chemicals that are sourced from a natural source and offer physiological advantages as well as help in illness prevention and treatment.
Fat Powder
Proteins used to make Fat Powder must be of the highest quality, dissolve quickly and completely, be stable so that the completed product does not have an unpleasant flavour, and be a good supply of necessary amino acids.
Milk and milk-based foods such as butter, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, and condensed and dried milk are examples of DAIRY INGREDIENTS. Milk has been utilised by humans to supply both fresh and storable nutritious meals from the beginning of recorded history.
Organic & Inorganic Ingredients
This array of Organic & Inorganic Ingredients is acknowledged for its compositional accuracy and long lasting effect. Free from toxic content, these substances can be accessed at reasonable price range.