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Water Treatment & Swimming Pool Chemicals

This range of industrial grade Swimming Pool Chemicals is accessible in powder and granular forms. These are also used in civil sanitation, irrigation and water recycling jobs. Available in pure form, this array of Swimming Pool Chemicals is effective in total removal of impurities and contaminants present in pool water. These chemical substances have precise ph range and good oxidizing attributes. These readily dilute in water. Standard of such chemicals has been verified on the basis of their shelf life, effectiveness, formulation method and possible adverse effects. Pure composition, long lasting effect, simple application method and competitive price are some of the key aspects of these substances.
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Sodium Lactate

Price: 1 INR/Bag
  • Physical Form:Powder
  • Melting Point:163-165C
  • Appearance:White powder
  • Assay:Not less than 95% and not more than 110% of the labelled amount
  • Type:Preservatives
  • FEMA No:2611
  • Purity:100%
  • Boiling point:227.6C at 760 mmHg
  • Delivery Time:2-3 Days
  • Supply Ability:5-10 Per Week
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Sodium Erythorbate

Price: 1 INR/Bag
  • Delivery Time:2-3 Days
  • Supply Ability:5-10 Per Week
  • Purity:99%
  • EINECS No:228-973-9
  • Molecular Formula:C6H7NaO6
  • CAS No:6381-77-7
  • Density:2.257 g/cm3, solid Kilogram per litre (kg/L)
  • Appearance:White crystalline solid
  • Physical Form:Powder